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The XCrypt Ecosystem token “XCT” is a utility token that is erc20 standard. The token is
applicable across the ecosystem and has many functions for users and partners.
 XCrypt rewards XCT token holders through an airdrop ranking policy.
 XCT tokens are used to acquire prime membership.
 The token is used in participating at partner ICOs’ RCs with huge bonuses proposed
within the XCrypt network.
 The token is used to pay for XCrypt exchange’s DEX system charges.
 The XCT token is required to pay the crypto debit card charges.
 Lastly, the token is used to buy the PRO membership for its social networks.
Token Details
Token Name: XCrypt
Token Symbol: XCT
Token Type: erc20

Token Function: Utility Token
Total Supply will soon be capped to 100,000,000

Why Every Investor Should Buy XCT

a) The XCT token is supported by a platform that contains diverse exchange tools.

Unlike other crypto exchanges, the XCrypt exchange supports digital currencies, token
exchange, and revolutionary crypto debit cards.

b) A hybrid ecosystem supports the XCT token.

A combination of both central Stock Exchanges (CEX) & Decentralized Stock Exchanges
(DeX) has numerous benefits for the XCT holders. The major problem of centralized stock
markets is the vulnerability issue. Users are required to provide their details- including their
private keys, and yet their digital assets are still under the control of stock exchange
authorities. Contrary, CEX offer their users with faster trading speeds and liquidity. For our
case, the issue of liquidity is abolished in the stock markets which draw institutional

Still, centralized stock markets which control users’ assets are susceptible to cyber-attacks
and state interference. For instance, when the Chinese government interfered with Bitcoin, it
froze BTC withdrawals on the two biggest centralized stock exchanges of China.

On the other hand, decentralized exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex were able to transfer
millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies. In other terms, decentralized exchanges bring benefits
like total control of private keys and anonymity. Users’ digital assets are in their wallets;
hence, it is minimally affected by cyber-attacks.

Nevertheless, because various hands collect all cryptocurrencies, the liquidity issue is high,
scaring institutional investors away. Besides, users are accountable for all clearing
transactions on DeX, making beginners fear to make mistakes.

XCrypt ecosystem has addressed the problems of speed and liquidity while still offering a
lasting solution to the issue of personal security. Users that want to remain anonymous can
opt for the decentralized platform. The hybrid nature of XCrypt exchange will attract many
crypto investors and traders, and eventually drive the price of XCT upwards.

c) The XCrypt Ecosystem reignites the crypto space.

The crypto market capitalization is growing yearly as mass adoption deepens, and more
corporate investors start embracing cryptocurrencies. It is common knowledge that
cryptocurrencies printed in currencies like dollars bear the erc20 standard.

Institutional investors love less investment assets (stable coins). Stable coins require the
creation of a unique value, such as a token representing a real estate project or one that is
signifying the title deed of land. The famous crypto kitty bears the erc721 standard that
symbolizes objects like unique cats.

Investors of classical stock exchanges pose similar demands in cryptocurrency markets.
Lately, capital has been flowing into people’s lives, creating a high interest in trading
platforms. The question that you should ask yourself is, what presence does your favorite
trading exchange support?

In response to the above question, the XCrypt team developed a network where these three
types of beings are traded, and the XCT token is used to fuel all the processes of the

d) The XCT Airdrop system.

To achieve high liquidity, asset owners must be kept active in an ecosystem. At XCrypt, we
acknowledge the above fact, and this is the reason why we came up with the XCT airdrop
program. XCT investors who do not leave the network are rewarded with airdrop awards.

e) High-frequency trading server.

The XCrypt ecosystem has a super-frequency trading platform for investment. Financial
institutions will offer subscription services for mutual investments. Our limitless API
provides a wide range of professional trading services, like free leverage and better trading

f) Social media platform.

We plan to unveil many seminars and courses about cryptocurrency trading. These crypto
seminars and courses will act as a blockchain learning institution.

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xCrypt © 2020. All rights reserved.

xCrypt © 2020. All rights reserved.