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Cryptocurrency adoption is accelerating, and merchants are increasingly accepting them. But, cryptocurrencies haven’t achieved the same ease of use as fiat currencies, and many businesses still don’t accept crypto.

Until cryptocurrencies are fully adopted on a global scale, the easiest and the best way of spending your digital currencies is through your crypto debit card. Crypto debit cards make the conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies cost-effective and smooth.

How Crypto Debit Cards Operate

For a lot of crypto debit cards, you only need to top up your card with a given cryptocurrency, and then you get to use it in transactions just like you would a traditional card.

When you pay for a product or a service, your crypto debit card converts the crypto into fiat, and the merchant is paid whatever fiat currency they prefer. The value of your digital currency is hinged on the conversation rate during purchase.

For some crypto debit cards, you top your card with cryptocurrency, which is then, all at once, converted to fiat currency. Some cards allow you to use both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto debit cards can be virtual or plastic. Some are designed only for online use while you can use others as you would any other debit card. Crypto debit cards have similar features to ordinary debit cards – card holder’s name, 16-digit card number, and a safety code.

Pros of Crypto Debit Cards

  1. Easy to use

Crypto debit cards work just like your bank cards. The only difference is, your crypto card is linked to your crypto wallet, and so it enables you to spend your cryptocurrencies.

  1. Physical or virtual

There are many types of crypto cards. For instance, the Xcrypt exchange offers both virtual and physical cards. If you mostly transact online, you can use the virtual card. For POS purchases, you can use the physical card.

An additional benefit of the Xcrypt physical debit card is that you can use it in most ATMs across the globe. That means, wherever you are in the world, you can cash out your digital currencies by just walking to the ATM and withdrawing whichever amount you need.

  1. Accepted globally

Crypto debit cards allow you to pay for almost anything wherever you are in the globe. You can use them to pay for gas, groceries, coffee, or clothes. The company that has issued the card is responsible for paying the merchants through corresponding fiat currency.

  1. Fast crypto to fiat conversion

A crypto debit card allows you to spend your crypto on the go – you don’t need to wait for your funds to be transferred into your bank account.

Unlike in traditional bank transactions, you also don’t need to pay a hefty transaction fee. So you don’t have to exchange more funds than you need for the fee’s sake. You can top up whichever amount of funds you need and leave the rest of your cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

  1. Access to more currencies

Most crypto debit cards providers link multiple fiat currencies to the cards. Also, the cryptocurrency cards allow you to load numerous digital currencies. For instance, the Xcrypt card allows you to choose between most of the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Crypto debit cards are proving to be an excellent alternative to traditional cards. For instance, the xcrypt debit card enables you to:

  1. Buy and sell your cryptocurrencies on the Xcrypt exchange
  2. Shop globally
  3. Convert your digital currency in fiat currency and to withdraw from ATMs across the world.

These features make it a valuable tool for any cryptocurrency user who wants to make life better and easier.

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xCrypt © 2020. All rights reserved.

xCrypt © 2020. All rights reserved.