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The xCrypt Crypto Exchange

xCrypt is the first trustful and safety regulation-compliant crypto exchange ready for digital assets, FIAT and ERC721 marketplace. xCrypt is a place for everyone who wants to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Deposit funds using your Visa/MasterCard or bank transfer. Instant buy/sell of Bitcoins at market price is guaranteed. Nothing more! Open an account with us today and be part of over 1,000,000 customers from all over the world satisfied with our services.

By centrally regulating trade matching and Ethereum transaction dispatch, the xCrypt Crypto exchange allows users to trade successively without waiting for transactions to mine, execute multiple orders concurrently, and cancel orders immediately without incurring gas charges. Analysts strongly suggest that the XCrypt crypto exchange is equipped to be at the same playground as the world’s biggest crypto exchanges, and even outshine them, for it is already prepared for the imminent future.

Why choose xCrypt Crypto Exchange?

  • It has fully compliant trading activities
  • It has a trading and a social trading platform
  • Users can withdraw fiat from cryptocurrencies, and they can as well store fiat and digital currencies
  • It has a custom built bot trading/airdrop ranking system
  • It contains both ERC20 and ERC721 marketplaces
  • It has a zero fee policy
  • It has reliable digital wallets
  • It has a multi-language platform
  • Users can exchange FIAT with cryptocurrencies
  • Users can also make payments with FIAT and cryptocurrencies
  • It offers tutorials and webinars from expert traders
  • It has a user friendly website interface and mobile application.

Easy & Convenient UI

Buying crypto is as easy as shopping online with your credit card. At xCrypt, we provide our users with everything they require to start trading cryptocurrencies.

With a simple UI, easy-to-read order book, and several possible chart customizations, xCrypt crypto exchange is gaining much admiration in the crypto community. These are the reasons why many crypto experts have recommended it as a revolutionary crypto exchange that will disrupt the crypto world.

Remember, you can buy cryptocurrency with FIAT using the xCrypt debit cards. Likewise, you can also withdraw your virtual assets in the form of Fiat. You don’t need help from a third party to convert Fiat money to virtual assets and vice versa.

Strong & Secure Custodian

Security is clearly our top priority, especially in the wake of the recent crypto exchange hacks all over the world. 99.5% of our users’ funds are stored separately from company holdings in a dedicated trust account. Digital assets will be stored in cold wallets embedded with extra security measures such as multi-signature systems and two-step authentication.

The XCrypt is a fully regulated exchange platform that features KYC and AML processes implemented through in-house procedures. We strongly believe that by using our platform, there would be no more complicated transfers between FIAT money and cryptocurrency.

FIAT/Crypto Pairs

It is more common for a centralized crypto exchange to offer FIAT/crypto pairs. This allows customers to trade, for example, bitcoin for XCT tokens. However, fewer crypto exchanges provide fiat/crypto pairs, which would enable, say, XCT for USD exchanges.

Some of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world are those that offer FIAT/crypto pairs. One of the factors that give them a more competitive edge over centralized crypto exchanges is that they act as direct access points to the crypto world.

Since many investors in the crypto space are relatively new to investing in cryptocurrencies, they may be more likely to turn to these types of crypto exchanges. xCrypt crypto exchange is a good example of such exchanges that is fully compliant with securities.

The Airdrop Ranking System
The xCrypt Crypto Exchange
The xCrypt Crypto Exchange

The xCrypt crypto exchange rewards its users through the airdrop ranking system. This reward system uses a modality referred to as Reservation Contract. The reservation contract ensures all XCT token holders are fairly rewarded based their determined rank on xCrypt.

To wrap it up

The XCrypt ecosystem stands out from other crypto exchanges with its multi-layered design. The XCrypt developers studied Binance, the biggest exchange in terms of market capitalization, and designed xCrypt crypto exchange on the needs that Binance has not solved. Through our diverse standards, crypto STO, erc20, erc721, and security tokens will be supported on our network. A diversity of membership services, provision of professional help, a social media learning platform, and creation of airdrops for token investors will soon skyrocket the price of the native token of XCrypt ecosystem.

The xCrypt Crypto Exchange



xCrypt © 2020. All rights reserved.

xCrypt © 2020. All rights reserved.